The Vanagon Mechanics Essential Tool List

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1. 1/4″drivefrom 5mm – 14mm short and deep
2. 3/8′ drive 8mm – 16mm yes you will need 16mm so find one they are not in a set in short and deep
3. 1/2′ drive 10mm-22mm just short
4. various size extensions for all drives
5.  adaptor drive set 1/4″male to 3/8 female
6. wrenches- 6mm – 20mm in combo
7. stubs wrenches 6mm-17mm
8. flare wrench set (most of the sets from 7mm-19mm)
9. knimplex plyers,they are like channel locks but they have a real bite on them.
10. dykes- cutting
11. crimper – for the electical end of repairs
12. regular plyers
13. long needle nose vise grips small and large
14. regular vise grips small and large
14. 2 different sizes of adjustable 6″ and 10″ wrenches
16. screw drivers with various tips17. multi meter
18. electical tape
19. duct tape20. hose clamps various sizes
21. ty wraps in different thickness
22. fuel line shut off … Read More »

The Proper Way To Rebuild Half Shafts

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Go Westie’s New Stainless Steel Exhaust System Review

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2.1 AMC Heads. Pros , Cons

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Tip #6 Holy crap, there is gas spilling out of my Vanagon!

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The problem that you are experiencing has to do with the vapor control system on Vanagon fuel tanks. The fuel tank on all 2WD Vanagons has kind of an inverted saddle shape to it. The tank is high on both sides, and has a depression down the middle. Interestingly, the depression down the middle was put there to allow the hot air duct to pass from rear to front on air cooled Vanagons. Even though there is no purpose for it now, and even though 90% of all Vanagons ever produced were water-cooled, the fuel tank design never changed. Go figure….

The filler neck is fitted on the passenger side, at the top of one of the tall sides of the fuel tank. In order for fuel to fill up evenly on both sides of the fuel tank depressed area, VW … Read More »

#Tip 14 Sway bar links and Radius rods

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What in the world are these?  They are suspension parts, that keep the front wheels right with the rest of the vanagon. What in the world do these have in common?   These both have a very similar style rubber joints.  I don’t know the technical name for it, but you guys who like to google things feel free to chime in here. Both of these parts have a joint mounted in rubber that is free to move just the right amount.  To much movement and it will not work properly, to little and it breaks the rod or link.   In our case with the vanagon,  these have been getting so old that I’m finding most all vanagons need these rebuilt.  Once again I can here a few of you saying “mine are in  great shape”!  Well I thought that to,  … Read More »

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